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  • Carol Williamson

13 Seaview Road, Brighton By Negotiation

Sun, sea, surf and serenity - Brighton beckons


  • Grab that surf board, sun screen and your favourite jandals and head to the beach for summer
  • 13 Seaview needs some love, but has plenty of love to give back and years of seaside town fun ahead!
  • 220 sq.m with three double bedrooms and office plus two living spaces and expansive front deck
  • Double garaging with large workshop space in basement and internal access to this split-level house
  • 997sq.m section providing development options in the future. See you Sunday


 Roger and Susan were out cruising one week night after tea, and were parked up outside the Brighton store with their two kids and the dog sitting in the back seat oblivious to anything while swiping and tapping on their devices. (the dog wasn't on a device by the way)

"Susan darling, why don't we live out by the beach, out here at Brighton where the kids can play in the sand and grow up to surf and eventually get that boat and collect the bounty from the sea?" said Roger

"Honey, you are such a romantic and I love you for it, but you are also a dreamer as houses go for big money in Brighton these days..." replied Susan

Roger quickly interjected "Now Susan, I really must pull you up on that point!, Carol Williamson has just listed a house at 13 Seaview Road, just up behind the Surf Club and I reckon that will be ok buying..."

"Roger, darling, why do you say that...?"

"well.." Roger replied while wiping the froth from his lips of his decafe, single shot cappo just bought from the local shop "....well it needs a bit of loving as it has been a renter, but it has great garaging, a stunning view of Brighton Beach, three bedrooms plus office, just what we need for the family and when the kids are gone, we can bowl it and build a super cool apartment style home on that site, just for you and me"

Susan almost purred as she turned to Roger with an adoring smile and wide hopeful eyes..."Roger, are you really serious? - how big is the section for the kids and the dog?"

"Well, the section is just under 1000 square metres and the house at 220 squares is plenty big enough for the kids until they grow up. There is plenty of room down stairs to convert into a rumpus area for them and there are two living spaces upstairs, so we can watch our stuff on tele and they can listen to their terrible music away from us, wow how heavenly that would be?!"

Susan placed her hand on Roger's knee and quietly whispered in his ear.."you are a dreamer Rog, but I love everything you do....when are you going to take me to see this house?"

"Well, we are going to the open home on Sunday as a matter of fact and after that we will go for a dip in the sea and then walk along to the cafe for a spot of lunch...Then when Carol calls me back, I am going to tell her to come up home and I will give her an offer she can't refuse"


Susan excitedly took off her sunglasses and squinted as the last of the evening sun stole her sight. "Rog, you don't think we could be in before Christmas do you?, do you?...."

Roger in a strong commanding voice, leaned toward Susan while gently tapping her on the knee... "Susan, you leave the negotiating to me.."




This map only shows the general area where this property is located.