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Useful Documents

What you need to know if you’re buying or selling a property 

Buyers and sellers guide

This simple, easy to read guide provides buyers and sellers with information on key things they should know about the buying and selling process, what to expect from their real estate agent and the different methods of buying or selling.  

Get independent legal advice 

Get your own independent legal advice. The value of a property transaction is significant and so is the potential cost if it goes wrong. Remember: agency agreements and sale and purchase agreements are legally binding contracts.  

Read and understand agreements before you sign them 

Read and understand agency agreements and sale and purchase agreements before you sign them. And don’t forget you can negotiate their terms and conditions. 

We publish guides to these important legally binding contracts. Agents must give you a copy of the relevant guide before you sign an agency agreement or a sale and purchase agreement. We also recommend reading the guides before meeting with agents.